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      We found 187 events for the 11/12/2018.


      Christmas Markets

      Santa Pauli - christmas market

      04:00 pm / Spielbudenplatz, Hamburg

      Whether on your own, with family or friends – Santa Pauli has something to offer to everyone! At Hamburg's coolest Christmas market, there is no distinction between Christmas tradition and…

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      Further Performing Arts


      05:00 pm / Hamburgische Staatsoper (Foyer), Hamburg

      From 1 to 23 December, the Staatsoper will open the doors of a special kind of Advent calendar. In the afternoon, a small artistic surprise awaits visitors in the foyer. Singers, dancers and…

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      Maghreb-Kulturtage 2018

      06:00 pm / Der Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Hamburg, Hamburg

      The Maghreb is a cultural link between the Arab and the European world and is characterized by its great cultural, linguistic, social and ethnic diversity. In the German public the Maghreb plays a…

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      Estimated Vessels


      06:00 pm / Cruise Center Altona, Hamburg

      The cruise ship MS Albatros is a classic ocean liner that appeals to its guests with comfort and a spacious design. At a length of 205 metres and a width of 25 metres the MS Albatros has eight decks…

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      Gemischtes Doppel

      07:30 pm / Literaturhaus Hamburg, Hamburg

      mixed double Annemarie Stoltenberg and Rainer Moritz present new releases Sweeter the books never sound. They lure us with their content, their beautifully designed covers, and they make the…

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      Devid Striesow

      07:30 pm / Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg

      Devid Striesow reads contemplative, humorous and entertaining texts of world literature on this special evening. We hear texts by Peter Rosenegger, Ephraim Kishon, Robert Walser and Fyodor…

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      Jazz, Blues, Swing & Chanson


      08:00 pm / Cotton Club, Hamburg

      Jailhouse Jazzmen A piece of Hamburg's jazz history: "There is a jazz band in Hamburg that in its history, more than anyone else, has ensured that Hamburg became a mecca for jazz, that…

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      Social Services

      AWO Spielenachmittag

      02:00 pm / Begegnungsstätte, Oststeinbek

      AWO - Play afternoon Cards - board games & coffee or cold drinks in a cozy atmosphere. Non-members are welcome!

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      Further Family Events, Workshops

      3D-Druck für Neugierige

      02:00 pm / Zentralbiblothek, Hamburg

      A hippopotamus holding her smartphone? A fantasy figure that you have designed yourself? No problem with our 3D printer. Come by and transfer your ideas to a 3D model. What seemed to us to be a…

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      Sprechstunde der Migrationsberatung

      Information & Consulting Service, Public Social Services

      Sprechstunde der Migrationsberatung

      02:00 pm / Wentorfer Rathaus, Wentorf bei Hamburg

      The construction of a welcome structure in Wentorf becomes more concrete through: - Counseling and integration support for migrants and assigned refugees - Consultation and support of…

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      Public Social Services


      02:00 pm / Konfetti-Café, Hamburg

      Every Tuesday afternoon between 14 and 18 open non the doors of our confetti cafes. It is located in a quiet and green backyard able Bernstorffstraße 145, halfway down the passage to Thadenstraße…

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      FABRIKKLICK offen für Kids (8 bis 12 Jahre)

      Further Family Events

      FABRIKKLICK offen für Kids (8 bis 12 Jahre)

      02:00 pm / Fabrik, Hamburg

      Children (8 to 12 years) get Mondays 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the FACTORY CLICK the opportunity to try digital media and extend their experience beyond pure consumption beyond. They acquire basic…

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      Investors First

      02:00 pm / Stadtteilarchiv Ottensen, Hamburg

      Receive our industrial heritage Under the motto "sharing heritage", the European cultural heritage year 2018 calls for the local exploration and life of the traces of our European…

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      Kulinarische Führung - St. Georg

      City Walks

      Kulinarische Führung - St. Georg

      02:30 pm / Treffpunkt: Ohnsorg Theater, Hamburg

      St. Georg is a high-contrast district of a special kind. Worlds meet here - colorful meets chic, dodgy. In the heart of Hamburg, between the Alster and the main railway station, was once a gloomy…

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      Cinema For Kids

      Bilderbuchkino: Lieselotte im Schnee

      03:00 pm / Bücherhalle Volksdorf, Hamburg

      Lieselotte has a lot to do: She has to carry out many parcels together with the postman for Christmas. At last she only has the parcels for her friends in her pocket and makes herself tired and…

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      Cinema For Kids


      03:00 pm / Bücherhalle Steilshoop, Hamburg

      Every Tuesday at 3 pm we read stories and show pictures on the canvas. A picture book is selected by our staff, the second is allowed to choose the children. No registration needed. Suitable…

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      Eat & drink


      03:00 pm / Friedenskirche Eilbek, Hamburg

      In the town hall Papenstraße 70 They have the opportunity to purchase cheap flea market items, second-hand clothes and coffee and homemade cakes. The café is a place where you can meet in a…

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      Historische Reeperbahn Tour

      City Walks

      Historische Reeperbahn Tour

      03:00 pm / Davidwache, Hamburg

      In the footsteps of St. Pauli Smugglers tunnels, bunkers and a forgotten cultural landscape We show you the other side of St.Pauli. This neighborhood has a century-old, one-of-a-kind history…

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      LADEZEITEN - Eva-Maria D'Auria


      LADEZEITEN - Eva-Maria D'Auria

      03:00 pm / Kunstzimmer Eppendorf, Hamburg

      Between experienced, seen and everyday things, there are moments of 'being so' that can not be explained in words. These are the moments from which Eva-Maria D'Auria, with a mixture of…

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      Kulinarische Führung durch die Sternschanze

      City Walks, Trips & Tours

      Kulinarische Führung durch die Sternschanze

      03:00 pm / Treffpunkt: Bahnhof Sternschanze (Ecke Schanzenstraße), Hamburg

      Experience a culinary city tour through one of Hamburg's most colorful and vibrant districts. Formerly located on the outskirts of the city, the Schanzenviertel is today one of the most…

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